Lindy is a stalker. She fixates on Mia. She knows where she works and where she socialises managing to bump into her on occasions to make herself known and ingratiate herself as a friendly familiar face. And it works. The two strike up a friendship as Lindy realises that the comfortable and glamorous lifestyle she has imagined is Mia’s couldn’t be more different. Lindy becomes Mia’s protector and support but that protection and support comes at a cost – or a trade. The problem for Lindy is she doesn’t know what it’s going to cost her, and she doesn’t quite realise how she will repay her end of the bargain.

I would urge anyone who enjoys tense, psychological plots to read this book. The characters are tightly woven and controlled. The tense drama is narrated in the first person by Lindy and Mia who take turns to tell the story from their own perspective. If ever there were two unreliable narrators these two would be it. Neither women are who they seem to be on the surface. Mia has a wealthy husband, a lovely home and from the outside a happy and contented marriage. The truth is very different though as we start to understand the fear in which she lives. In contrast Lindy tells us from the beginning that she wants to kill her husband, she doesn’t even try to hide that fact. The question is why? What has he done that is so bad? As their friendship deepens and Lindy and Mia learn more about each other disastrous consequences lie on the horizon with a twist I was really not expecting. I always seem to say this. You would think that from the amount of books I read nothing could catch me out but this one did. It’s a kind of fatal attraction-like plot and the finale leaves a niggle. Who is the guilty one? Does one crime excuse another? Tit for tat. An eye for eye. Is it ever really justified? I love it when a book leaves me with questions like this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

@The__SadieRyan @SpellboundBks

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Thank you to @zooloo2008 for allowing me the opportunity of being part of the blog tour for this fantastic book.

@The__SadieRyan @SpellboundBks @zooloo2008.

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