To use the term ‘multi layered’ in relation to this narrative is a serious under-statement. Hames spins a web of secrets and lies with an intricately woven plot. As well as the many aliases that Lisa uses as she ploughs through social media her own real story plays out in the background. The story is tight and controlled and I have to admit that it was a challenge keeping up with the various characters and the conceit. However I think that is the point. The plot works to make you think. It is definitely a story of our time in a world so controlled by technology. Using it for our social interactions of course can be a good thing but it can also be dangerous. But it also speaks of the damage that can be caused in face to face relationships as it weaves in Lisa’s (or whatever her name is..!) back story; her dysfunctional parents, lost opportunities and guilt. It really is a great read and the best ones are always the ones that have an impact. This has certainly made an impact on me and I will never take my online security for granted again. @zooloo2009 @joel_hames @spellboundBks

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